Angry Kings and Snapper about

Conditions were just perfect and the Hoodlums were about. We went one from three today with the biggest measuring 1.28m and weighing in at 14.9Kg. These beasts sure can pull. A big Mack Tuna of 91cm taken on the troll, as well as some bonito for sashimi and some lovely snapper (all but one between 6

The Snapper are starting to show up!

Been out the last 2 days in varying conditions, yet still managed some quality table fish Snapper up to 69cm have been landed on both days with our best of the season so far sitting at 88cm. The cooler weather and sea temperatures should see the bigger ones becoming  more frequent.

Salvador and the lads clean up!

Today we had a group of 9 on board helping Salvador celebrate his Bucks Day. I normally dont have that many people on board as it is impossible for everyone to fish at the same time, however the guys were all well aware of this and were prepared to wait for their turn. The instructions that I was gi