Salvador and the lads clean up!

Today we had a group of 9 on board helping Salvador celebrate his Bucks Day. I normally dont have that many people on board as it is impossible for everyone to fish at the same time, however the guys were all well aware of this and were prepared to wait for their turn.

The instructions that I was given are as follows – We are having a party tonight and we need to feed 25-30 people…. A pretty daunting challenge indeed! So whilst we watched pods of whales swimming 100m from our boat, we landed 17 Beautiful Dolphin fish and were back home by mid day. There were some big ones there with the AVERAGE size being 1m in length, and we still lost a few.

Thanks to Salvador, Phill, Simon, Rob, Owen, Daniel, Darran, Jorge and Sam for a great morning, and I hope to have you all back again soon.